10K Genesis Chef NFTs: Your ticket to Gino's Big Town Chef — P2E farming, trading & cook-off battle game by Gino D'Acampo.
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The Big Town Chef game centres around your chef character, which is based on a chef NFT! Chef NFTs can be one of a number of character types, have different visual properties and skill attributes.

10K Genesis Chef NFTs: Your ticket to The Metaverse’s Kitchen

  • 10,000 Genesis Chef NFTs
  • Forever unique visual properties
  • Superior in-game skill attributes
  • PLUS guaranteed airdrops
  • PLUS exclusive early game access
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Like Big Town's good ol' local postman, our team always deliver!
Raised $6.5M via 60+ investors in BURP token launch
Added BURP token to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
Listed BURP token on DEXs (Uniswap)
Listed BURP token on CEXs (KuCoin, Gate and MEXC)
Launched Town Hall (the home of Mayor Burp and where the community are rewarded via BURP staking and raffles)
Secured world class advisors (Iqbal V. Gandham – UK MD at Ledger, Justin Banon – CEO of Boson Protocol and Sebastien Borget – Co-Founder and COO at The Sandbox)
Announced blockbuster game partners (Rumble Kong League, 33NFT, Purrnelope's Country Club, Cryptowalkers, Polychain Monsters and Loot Squad)
Began the chapter-by-chapter release of The Lore (the fantastical back-story of Big Town)
Migrated to Polygon as the network for in-game transactions
Revealed Mayor Burp’s Blueprint (the Mayor's vision for Big Town including The Lore, gameplay, tokenomics and more!)
Launched Big Town’s Food Foundation (a community-driven charitable initiative)
SOLD OUT mint of 10,000 Genesis Chefs
Launched Genesis Chef Clubhouse
Launched Raffle in Town Hall
Mint of Big Town Pets
Mint of Outlands (super-sized Chef patches)
Launch of Gino's Big Town Chef game


The Big Town Chef game puts players' farming, trading and cooking skills to the ultimate test in the race to become Big Town's most celebrated chef.

It all starts with a food truck

The food truck is the Big Town Chef game dashboard and your chef's home for tracking XP, rewards, and managing NFTs and chef scholars!

Grow ingredients on your chef patch

The chef patch is a piece of land owned by each chef, which is used to plant and grow ingredients to use as part of meals in cook-off battles!

Trade ingredients in the farmers' market

The farmers' market is a decentralised marketplace where chefs can buy and sell NFT seeds, ingredients, consumables and collectables!

Use ingredients in cook-offs to earn rewards

Compete in play-to-earn PvP cook-offs, in which chefs battle against each other to earn XP and rewards! Winners are determined by customer count, meals returned and customer tips.

Trade your rewards for next-gen chefs

Once you’ve earned enough XP, you’ll be able to trade your rewards for next-gen chef avatar NFTs! And you'll only find the best next-gen chefs, with the highest skill attributes, at the chef school.


Big Town Chef staff are a growing team of 35+ members, across product, engineering, design and marketing.
Gino D’Acampo
Legend Chef
Best known for his food-focused television shows and cookbooks, Gino D'Acampo is one of The Land’s most famous celebrity chefs, personalities and presenters. Gino currently operates in the Town Hall as Head of Communications, Culture and Tourism, leveraging his social prowess to engage with food-loving audiences and brands alike.
Peter Wood
Sous-Chef de Cuisine
Tom Allison
Maitre D'hotel
Jason Saunders
Chef de Partie
Bhaven Pathak MBE
Le Directeur de Restaurant
Valerio Leo
Développeur de Menus
Design &
Projects that our game team are proud to have been a part of:


Advisors to the BURP token project and Big Town Chef game.
Iqbal V.
Global VP Payments & Transactions / UK MD at Ledger
CEO of
Boson Protocol
Co-Founder & COO
at The Sandbox
Tariq Aris
Founder of Dusk.app & large NFT collector

Partners & Investors

Investors & partners in the BURP token project.

The Lore

The fantastical back-story of Big Town.

Big Town Chef

Chapter III
A Town and its Sacred Water


he townsman lifted Edward to his feet, then took him to a nearby town. The town was small, eerily quiet and unkempt. Upon entering the town, townspeople came out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the new arrival—for it had been a long time since they had a visitor.

$BURP – To power the P2E ecosystem
The Big Town Chef game's play-to-earn ecosystem will be powered by $BURP. How – I hear you ask! Players will be required to hold and spend the token to access cornerstone features and earn rewards as part of the Big Town Chef gameplay.

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