Big Town Chef – The Lore

Chapter I
Mr. Gloop and the Crisis


or as far as the eyes could see, food processing plants devastated the land. Their ugly appearance destroyed the region’s natural beauty, their chimneys polluted the sky with a thick black smoke, and their workforce—the people of the land—spent their lives slaving away to ensure production never stopped.

Ruling over the industrial empire was Mr. Gloop–a powerful and greedy business tycoon–whose kingdom of factories caused so much damage to the soil of the land, that people were unable to grow their own food. This meant they had no choice but to work at the food processing plants, becoming trapped in a daily grind to earn their supper.

And what a bland supper it was. Mr. Gloop wasn’t just an evil man—he was also an extraordinarily fussy eater, demanding that the factories processed the most tasteless food one could imagine. What was once a free, thriving community had descended into a nightmare.

But it didn’t always go to plan for Mr. Gloop. At the peak of his powers, the business tycoon ran into a crisis. The food processing plants required so much energy that Mr. Gloop’s man-made reservoirs were drying up, and without water, the factories wouldn’t be able to operate. For the first time, the empire was at serious risk of collapse.

In desperation, Mr. Gloop ordered his private police force–the Gloopers–to scout the land for a new water source, during which they found a stream at the foot of a mountain. The private police force diverted the natural flow of the stream, successfully replenishing the water levels of the reservoirs, and the food processing plants were saved.

The Exile of Edward Burp


dward Burp and his family had been employed by Mr. Gloop for as long as they could remember. Working in the food processing plants and living within the industrial empire, they grew tired of the tasteless meals in their lives. The Burp’s would spend their evenings imagining all of the delicious things they could eat. Their mouths would water as they chewed on imaginary bites of food.

Hungry for change, Edward travelled the length of the empire, snuck past the on-site Gloopers and stormed the head office, where he pleaded with Mr. Gloop to let him and his family enjoy tastier food. Enraged by his request, Mr. Gloop fired Edward and exiled him out of the empire, away from his family and into the uninhabited Outlands.

To find refuge, Edward embarked on a perilous trek across the harsh landscape of the Outlands. However, days without sufficient food and water soon took their toll. He eventually collapsed alone and with little hope of survival. Whilst it’s not exactly known how long Edward was unconscious for, he eventually woke up in the arms of a rural townsman.

A Town and its Sacred Water


he townsman lifted Edward to his feet, then took him to a nearby town. The town was small, eerily quiet and unkempt. Upon entering the town, townspeople came out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the new arrival—for it had been a long time since they had a visitor.

Edward was led to a disused fountain at the centre of the town. Shimmering gold in the Outlands sun, the fountain served as a reminder of the town’s affluent past, and its recent decay. Confused, Edward questioned the town’s history, to which the townsman looked solemnly into the empty fountain before responding.

It was described to Edward how the town used to be a thriving community—where the tastiest food in the land would be farmed, traded and enjoyed by townspeople and tourists alike. And how this was all thanks to the sacred spring water, which flowed by stream from the top of the mountain that overlooked the town.

Legend has it that the sacred spring water contains rich minerals from the ruins of ancient civilisations that lay fossilised under the mountain. It is believed that spirits, belonging to the agricultural gods of yesteryear, are immortalised within the water, giving it an unworldly power to grow the most magical of foods.

The townsman continued to explain how the stream of sacred spring water had disappeared, after it was diverted by Mr. Gloop to power his industrial empire. And that the townspeople had since been unable to grow food in the spirit of the mountain—how tourists stopped coming, the community deteriorated and the town fell into disrepair.

To be continued…